We are a clinical research company specialized in COSMETOLOGY and DERMATOLOGY and we propose you to test new cosmetic products, medical devices, treatments (for skin diseases) food supplements and other products for health, well-being and beauty

In order to participate, you must meet a number of criteria and have been informed accurately about the course and constraints of the study. Your participation is voluntary and can only be done with your written agreement (consent), after a sufficient period of reflection. If you wish, you may interrupt your participation in the clinical study at any time without having to justify yourself.
To participate in a clinical study, you can fill the Volunteer Form and consult the Ongoing Studies.

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A clinical study is a scientific study organized to evaluate (efficacy, tolerance, etc…) a treatment (drug, medical device, cosmetic, etc…) before it is placed on the market or already on the market.

Clinical studies are conducted rigorously and ethically to protect patients/volunteers and to enable accurate and true collection and analysis of information about a disease.
The conditions for carrying out clinical studies are strictly defined: they take place in clinical research centres approved by the Ministry of Health and prior authorisation is required.

In general, clinical studies offer patients the opportunity to benefit from innovative, more effective treatments or to mitigate side effects that may be related to treatments. Some of these treatments are not yet on the market and are intended to fight the disease more effectively than existing products.

  1. Conditions for implementationDuring your first study visit to Complife you will be asked to present at least one piece of identification (other documents may be required: Carte Vitale, RIB, etc…).The investigator of the study will explain to you: its course, its practical modalities as well as the possible constraints and the expected adverse effects and he will examine you.
    He will provide you with a written document, the backgrounder, summarizing all the terms of the study. You can ask any questions you want to the investigator who will answer you.
  2. Modalities of the studyYou can also seek the advice of your treating physician and take the time to think before giving your consent. To participate in this study, you will need to sign a consent form.
    A clinical study involves following a schedule defined in advance. Appointments will be set according to this schedule. Depending on the needs of the study, tests will be scheduled (for example: skin tests, blood tests, urine tests, etc…). During these appointments, you will be taken in charge by a team dedicated to clinical and experienced research (doctor, technician, etc…).

Our volunteers are selected from our internal database after registration on our Volunteer Form.
In order to participate in a clinical study, they must meet specific and predefined selection criteria. If you meet the criteria of the study and the results of the tests allow, treatment of the study can be started.
You will return to DERMATECH according to a precise schedule for medical follow-up and possibly examinations (depending on the studies).
You will be able to stop participating in the study at any time without having to justify yourself. For volunteers suffering from a pathology your medical treatment will not be affected and the investigator will offer you a treatment adapted to your disease.

Clinical studies are highly regulated: must be carried out in compliance with French and international laws.
All adverse reactions are systematically identified and analysed, and at the slightest suspicion of endangerment of the participants, the trial is interrupted. These undesirable effects, predictable or not, sometimes unavoidable, are part of the tests, and their analysis is essential since in vitro tests do not allow them to be observed.
Every participant in a clinical study is closely monitored (regular visits and the possibility of contacting medical services at any time).